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Services offered by CLTD

Translation Since it was established in 1981, the CLTD's primary field of activity has been translation. We translate from English to French and from French to English. The CLTD is capable of treating texts of a purely legal nature, such as: laws and regulations; contracts; judgments; proceedings; text books; law publications for the layman; moot-court rules and proceedings. However, the translation efforts of the CLTD have always covered a wide scope of texts which were not essentially legal in character: annual reports; press releases; web sites... Revision The CLTD offers two types of revisions: it reviews translations to ensure they are accurate, conform to applicable usages, use relevant terminology and are linguistically correct; it ensures the linguistic quality of texts already written in English. Education The CLTD has long been offering educational services in relation to the use of French in the legal field. Its interventions are performed by way of exposés, workshops, courses or practical training. This aspect of the CLTD's activities has gained in importance over the years. The CLTD has, among other things, directed workshops or given courses for judges or lawyers; given exposés or directed workshops for organizations working in sectors related to law; and given exposés and courses in translation or legal terminology within the framework of programs of the University of Ottawa. Terminology Since its inception, the CLTD has participated in the development of a French vocabulary for Ontario's legislation and the common law. The French versions of a great number of laws and regulations of Ontario, the Lexicon of Ontario Statutes and Regulations and different Canadian English-French common law lexicons illustrate the accomplishments of the CLTD and its collaborators in this discipline. The terminological efforts of the CLTD are currently directed to standardizing French common law in different areas. This work is subsidized by ... and is performed in the framework of ... It taps into the experience and capabilities of the Canadian centers for legal translation and documentation and of ... New openings Because it wants to remain relevant and creative, the CLTD is attentive to new opportunities and is receptive to exploring new territory. We want nothing more than to put our expertise at the service of new partners or clients. Do not hesitate to contact us and to let us know of projects in which we could participate.